Cody Simpson & The Tide

Cody Simpson & The Tide

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One summer in Venice, inspiration washed over Cody Simpson. Between early morning surf sessions, reading and writing poetry under the bright California sun, and jamming for friends and passersby at midnight rooftop gatherings, he experienced the kind of season Bruce Brown immortalized in The Endless Summer. As with any season, change came with the passage of time. Following the release of his 2015 independent full-length Free, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist underwent a series of creative revelations that inform his new band Cody Simpson & The Tide.
In the end, the Tide represents Cody at heart.
“The reason behind the name was I wanted this body of work to be an audio replication of what the Tide is as an element of nature,” he leaves off. “During that one summer, I had so many revelatory experiences. I wanted to be an exemplar of the Tide’s flow. It was about taking people back to that primitive innocence and being able to appreciate that. Music is the best vehicle to do so.″

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