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Hello to all my #Little Kitties ♥
I’m Angela and this is my YouTube channel. Welcome to my world!
This is my place to share all my favorite things: fabulous fashion, makeup, yummy food and sweets, inspiring moments, sparkling ideas, and all my fun DIY projects, as well as amazing books, quotes, and music too! So subscribe to my amazing channel now and let’s have some fun together! Let′s be friends on Facebook and don′t miss my tweets.

And check out my super cool new app to discover the glamorous world of My Talking Angela. You can dress me up in the latest fashions and cutest costumes, give me cool new hairstyles and make my home beautiful. We can play games together, collect cool stickers and just have loads of fun!

Oh and remember to go visit my friends’ channels too! Talking Tom and Talking Ginger have some cool stuff for you to watch and you can find even more fun videos on the Talking Tom and Friends channel too.

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