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Трэйлер канала: Welcome to TheCGBros Youtube Channel! Your #1 Source For Everything CG! | TheCGBros

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Дата создания: 20 Августа 2011 19:07:07

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Ключевые слова: CG 3D VFX FX Shorts Sci-Fi Effects Animation Design GFX Motion Capture MoCap Computer Digital Art Modeling Previs Matte Painting CGI Compositing

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The World’s #1 Hub For All Things CG!

We are relentless curators of the best educational and inspirational examples in Computer Graphics Imagery from around the world: 3D Tutorials, 3D Animation, Behind the Scenes/Making of VFX, Motion Graphic Design, Show Reels, Gaming, and More........

Your INSPIRATION is 100% Guaranteed!

Would you like to see your work on TheCGBros? TheCGBros are always looking to showcase the best and latest in exceptional student & Independent Animation, Films & Reels from every area of Computer Generated Imagery & beyond. If your video hits the high bar, why not submit it for consideration? (Min resolution is HD 720)

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